"The magic of marriage isn'tgetting married, but staying married"
What is the LGBT Marriage Club?

When The LGBT Marriage Club was created, I never expected it to grow this big. We've only been around since March 23rd, 2016, and we're up to 19,500 members and we're still growing everyday!


This organization was created to increase and maintain the positivity in the LGBTQ community. Whether you are married, engaged or seriously involved this is a Safe Haven for you and your partner to express your love without being judged or looked down upon. We have expanded our services to include conversations around sexual incompatibility...including sexuality,preference and HIV status.


Come celebrate your LOVE, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, GROWTH and MORE! Also, feel free to share your stories, insights, & experiences with a supporting group of your peers.


We offer:


 Pre/Post Marital Counseling


Social Events

Community Service

Family Oriented Activities

We are based out of  Houston, Texas with members all over the U.S.

Our #1 goal is to bring awareness and acceptance to the LGBTQIA community across the United States.


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