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About the Course

Your needs matter… and so do your partner’s. It’s critical in our relationships to find ways to honor both, but how we do that is not always easy or clear. This class will explore the differences between boundaries, rules, agreements, and behavior change requests, when to use them, and how to do so consciously and effectively.

In this course we will cover

  • Boundaries, why they're important and why they are difficult to establish

  • Ways to make setting boundaries easier

  • The difference between a boundary and a behavior change request... and when to use each

Your Instructor

Dr. Jeni Wahlig (she/they) & Calvin Osili (he/him)

Jeni & Calvin are LGBTQ+ Relationship Coaches at PowerfuLove

Dr. Jeni Wahlig (she/they) & Calvin Osili (he/him)

Where I End and You Begin: A Conversation about Boundaries





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