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Brunchin' For Therapy

This inaugural brunch will have a panel discussion on maintaining healthy successful relationships , what does individual/couples counseling mean to you and how will law enforcement handle situations with mentally challenged individuals. These conversations will be led by licensed mental health professionals. In addition to the mental health discussion, we will have an open dialogue with community leaders and city political candidates to get their views on the challenges people of color, the LGBTQIA+ and other disenfranchised groups face and their plans to mitigate the challenges should they have the opportunity to serve the community as an elected official.

Holding Hands
Queer Kouture Fashion Show
Queer Kouture.jpg

This will be Queer Kouture Fashion Show's (QKFS) second year running. One major thing that is so special about QKFS is that it is held in honor of National Coming Out Day. QKFS premiers on "National Coming Out Day” to honor the bravery of LGBT+ individuals who decide to come out and live openly. To live in their authentic selves, proudly, boldly and out loud. QKFS expresses this through fashion. In our 2021 show we had 350+ attendees, this year in 2022 we will expect 600+ attendees.
This year QKFS will be held on Monday, October 10, 2022, at The Ballroom at Bayou Place located at 500 Texas Ave, Houston, TX. 77002. 

All proceeds from this fashion show fundraiser goes back 100% to The LGBT Marriage Club to sponsor their annual couple’s seminar. There are many benefits from go to this event such as:  

Understand what attracted you and your partner to one another in the first place

Learn why these very qualities may frustrate you now

Develop communication skills to effectively provide validation and empathy to your partner

Create new ways to bring the spark back to your relationship

Gain greater compassion for one another and for yourselves

Help each other get in adulthood what you didn’t get in childhood

Learn how to use your relationship for emotional healing and spiritual evolution


*The LGBT Marriage Club is a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides social and educational resources to couples who identify as lesbian, gay, none gender conforming and transgender however in no form do we discriminate against any other orientation or sexual identities.  

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